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The VermiSell years

The VermiSell site in South Lakeland has been farming livestock in one form or another for 50 years. Recently the focus has changed to rearing worms where previously larger stock such as cattle, sheep and chickens were farmed.

The chance to support and drive natural gardening practices is one I'm fully committed to. After witnessing how beneficial worm castings are to soil quality I had no doubts about entering into the most satisfying venture of my life.

It took over twelve months to convert the site and complete the first phase of the Dendrobaena breeding programme. The worm beds are situated on an 8 acre site, where asparagus is also grown. Reds have been reared in separate beds on the same site to satisfy composting and angling preferences.

Plans for the future, range from commercial compost production using worm castings as the base ingredient, to meal worm rearing and worm tea brewing. Worm tea is a high quality liquid fertiliser brewed from leachate filtered through the outdoor worm beds. The product is still in testing but once successful trials have been completed the product will be available on this site.

VermiSell has been established to satisfy the demand for worms to anglers and gardeners whilst driving forward the credentials of worm cast based compost products.

Why don't you start today and nurture your garden with quality environmental friendly products?


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